Reno ditullio
I am an outdoor photographer, specializing in landscape, nature, and travel photography.  I live on the central coast of California, near Monterey, where I studied photography and developed my landscape photography skills.  My photographs have been published in various magazines, calendars and travel books.

It is always exciting for me to discover how new and beautiful the familiar can be, as though we had never seen it before.  A good landscape photograph seems to boil down to three things: composition, timing and light.  Light allows us to see the familiar differently, it is light, its color, quality and strength that has the most influence on the success of the final image.  The intent of my photography is to create the scene that you could have seen if you had been standing next to me as I fired the camera’s shutter.

Nature provides an abundance of wondrous images.  Through photography I can capture and present these images, the familiar, in a different light, the light as I experienced it.

The photo on the left is me from my "way-back" black/white days, with a Mamiya  C330 twin-lens reflex camera w/80mm lens and a Weston Master 5 light meter.  Photo by my photography pal Mike O'Brien.
Thank you for visiting my site and viewing my galleries.  If you're interested in a particular image, send me a note with the name of the image.